Xampp php ini not updating

One of the most common of these settings is the maximum upload filesize ("upload_max_filesize").This is a setting commonly found within a file known as the file.If the DLL file is available neither with your PHP distribution nor in PECL, you may have to compile it before you can start using the extension.

Instead, they are buffered part-by-part and written out to a file in the temporary directory (C:\Wamp Developer\Temp\) as the upload progresses.But all the directory and file paths used here are specific to Wamp Developer Pro (…just substitute in the paths of your environment).For uploading large files there are Apache and PHP memory limits and timeout values set that you might need to update…Open and edit file – C:\Wamp Developer\Config\Php\These two settings define the maximum file upload size: This will increase upload limits on a single file to 256 MB, from the default of 2 MB.“post_max_size” is set 1 MB larger than “upload_max_filesize” to take into account for any additional meta-data about the file that is included in the request (e.g., Header data).

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