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This field should be displayed for the Managers, but should not be displayed for the Employees.The minimum element that supports security trimming is a list item.We’ll start with binding data to the Grid View, then build up functionality from there.First, we’ll implement a method to databind the Grid View, which will be called whenever databinding needs to be performed.The Grid View does know the events that should be used to implement them, so the exceptions shown above are thrown when you try to perform one of these operations, but you have implemented the appropriate event handler.The example shown here is for a Grid View, but the same types of event handlers must be implemented in roughly the same way for other data controls including the Form View, Details View, and List View. This is the final Grid View markup, so you can see the event handlers we’re going to implement.

NET網站,開啟Visual Studio 2012,從 Visual Studio 2012的主選單點選「File」-「Templates」選Visual C#;右邊的Templates區塊中選擇「ASP.

In this secure list, I'd create a lookup to the general list to create a link to the user. The employee can see all his "public" information and all the sensitive information is restricted and isolated so only the proper people can access it. Because, in this case, for new salary, people that can access to the isolated information have to create a new item in the isolated list, then create a new item in the public list and select predefiend value for the lookup field.

It doesn't require any custom code or other dependancies. There a lot of steps in this solution, thus it is not a convenient approach if the user should create a lot of records.

Column that allows full-blown Ext JS 4 components to be returned from the renderer function.

I know a lot of people have written custom code to do this sort of thing but as far as I'm aware no-one has ever wrapped it up in a reusable class.

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How can I implement security field for Share Point list?

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