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It can be used as a dating tool because creatures and plants accumulate it during their lifetimes, and cease doing so when they die. If four essential facts are known, an age can be calculated with precision.

They are: (1) the C14 concentration in a specimen at its time of death; (2) the decay rate of C14; (3) the current C14 concentration in the specimen being “dated”; and (4) if anything else has affected the specimen’s C14 content. The curved line represents the declining amount of C14 atoms over time due to radioactive decay.

Males’ reproductive success is limited to the amount of and access to females in their habitat.He’d phoned the previous Saturday to fix their date, and it was certainly all either of them had thought about in the meantime. Since the internet dawned and bathed us all in its warm glow, it has been casting enormous shadows over the way that people meet, fall in love and break up.Even at my own tender age of 25, I can remember waiting longingly by the landline. These days we seem to have a bit less patience than my mum did (I cannot imagine fixing a date a whole week in advance), but we single girls are negotiating new dating hurdles.This fact is openly recognized by scientists involved in the field. It would seem that practices should have improved as technology advanced—but more recent accounts suggest that the accuracy of the results hasn’t changed much.For example: “Nobody cites the many hundreds of C Carbon-14 is radioactive—therefore, it decays over time.

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