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Unlike Happy Wives Club, it doesn't explicitly say that good marriages are reserved for Christians, but it's hard not to get the message that The Way to have a happy marriage is by "focusing on Christ." Even the seemingly secular content has some sort of religious background.The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts was interesting and I found it to be a helpful mental exercise. The author is a pastor, and that reflects in at least some of his writing.Because faith can be deeply personal and difficult to organize into simple categories, it is a sensitive yet powerful setting device.On a service such as this, the system is necessarily finite and doesn’t have the ability to include every nuanced shade in the spectrum – without some artistic maneuvering of the account holder.How you define your own religion and religions of others based on your personal experiences may be different than the way they are labeled within e Harmony’s settings or within your potential matches’ minds.In order to take the best advantage of the service as it is, it may be helpful to set aside personal definitions and work within the provided categories to get the matches that are best for you.

Personally, I could care less what other people believe as long as their hearts are in the right place.MATCH SETTINGS are settings which define types of matches you are willing to include in your search.Both your Self Selects and your matches’ settings can be adjusted under the My Settings Tab.Lesser Known Religion Settings Tips (in no particular order): For the record, the following isn’t a list of set-in-stone mandates, but some points to be aware of and suggestions you may want to consider when making adjustments on your My Settings page.This is merely a creative reference tool when you’re seeking to get more matches and better matches. DO: Notify Customer Care through the Help link ASAP if your matches seem “too religious” for you, or if they don’t seem focused enough on their faith for you, as this CAN be changed! DON’T: Select specific denominations only for your matches.

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