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Their supervisor has seen the video and police say a review is underway.“There’s no one here who feels that their response was appropriate,” said Gray. He saw the cruiser with a TAV logo drive slowly up Jane St. “They want to put you in your place and belittle you and make you feel humiliated.”In the video, Gill turns away from Miller to join the arresting officers.

The Ottawa Citizen has a very good editorial on the practice of police intimidation of citizens who use their cellphone cameras and other devices to record the police.“Often, police simply command people to stop photographing.Scared into thinking they must be breaking some law, citizens comply.” “Police are being caught on camera and they don’t like it,” says Carleton University criminologist Darryl Davies.On the evening of Sept 2nd 2015 I flew into Chicago O'Hare after a long business trip.I walked a quarter of a mile away from the terminal to order a Lyft. While waiting on the side of the road with my luggage I was approached by a male and female in "Plain Clothes..

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The strikes worked and we were able to grab her hands', he added. Unidentified prescription medication were found in Wright's car according to KSL.

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