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Witnesses said the train's engineer had been sounding its whistle at the time of the accident, reported the Associated Press, in an account that was published in The Baltimore Sun on Jan. On Wednesday, Burbank Police Department spokesman Joshua Kendrick, said the investigation into Mr. In his third year of wrestling, he became junior league state champion and the school's No. Plitt, whom he met at Gilman in the fifth grade."He had that work ethic since fifth grade and I suspect since day one. He was continually perfecting his craft."After Gilman, he attended West Point, from which he graduated in 2000 with a bachelor's degree in business economics.

'Good enough' was never in his vocabulary," said Dr. He served as an Army Ranger for five years after graduating from West Point, and as a captain, he was a company commander responsible for 184 soldiers. Plitt was a professional skydiver who had completed more than 2,000 jumps, and a certified scuba diver.

As Burbank police analyze surveillance footage recorded from the commuter train that struck and killed Bravo Work Out star Greg Plitt Jr, a spokesman for Metrolink rail company says the accident did not have to happen."While our hearts go out to (Plitt's) family, this was very, very preventable," Metrolink spokesman Jeff Lustgarten told The Wrap.

"Had the proper channels been followed, this would not have happened."Lustgarten said Plitt, 37, was not authorized to be on the train tracks Saturday afternoon near Burbank Metrolink Station, where he was filming a video.

The former Lutherville resident, who lived in Los Angeles, was 37. Plitt, who was known as Greg, and two other men were filming on railroad tracks north of Burbank when he was struck by a Metrolink Antelope Valley Line passenger train. Plitt Sr., a businessman, and Janet O'Rourke Plitt, an interior decorator, George Gregory Plitt Jr. As a student at Gilman from 1984 to 1996, when he graduated, he excelled in wrestling, football, golf and baseball. Plitt, who wrestled in the 189-pound weight class, became an Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association champion, three-time state champion, a National Prep runner-up champion, and a two-time All-America wrestler. Maakan "Tag" Taghizadeh, a Baltimore plastic surgeon who lives in Canton, had been best friends with Mr.

Plitt "was running on the tracks and did not respond to a horn blast," Kendrick told The Wrap.

"We're unable to determine if he fell because of the angle of the video."Warren Coulter, a friend of Plitt's of 15 years, told the Los Angeles Times, "He just made a mistake."Coulter said he talked to the crew members who were at the scene, and they told him Plitt was attempting to get action shots, possibly playing off of the old Superman expression that the superhero is "more powerful than a locomotive."While the investigation into his death continues, Plitt's family is planning a public memorial.

Greg Plitt, famed for killer abs and bulging biceps, appeared on the cover of more than 200 fitness magazines.

He was also known for doing his workouts at a railroad site in Burbank, California, to avoid paying for a gym.

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