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Says Wilson: “I joke about seeing a list of the 12 signs of clinical depression and going through the list and nine of them were clearly me and the other three, well, I was still in denial."• Wilson stepped down from his company, First Energy, in January, to focus on his philanthropy and private investments, which include a baseball club, a British soccer team, an ad agency, fitness franchise, real estate, and a divorce solutions company.• He says he’s not as nice as he sometimes appears on Dragons’ Den, because the producers edit out the tough business questions he poses to pitchers."I've never seen them use the core business question I ask."• When he auditioned for the Den the CBC told him he wasn't mean enough.named after his father William George) is a Canadian investment banker, businessman, investor, and philanthropist.He is a season 3 panellist on CBC Television's Dragons' Den. He holds honorary doctoral degrees from Royal Roads University and his alma mater, the University of Saskatchewan.Wilson co-founded an investment banking advisory firm, Wilson Mackie & Co., in 1991, and in 1993, co-founded First Energy Capital Corp with Rick Grafton, Jim Davidson and N. First Energy is a Canadian stock brokerage firm that provides investment-banking services to global participants in the energy sector.

"What there was, was an inappropriate style of drinking."• Then there’s his experience with depression.In a notice of civil claim, Fiedler says she started fundraising with F--k Cancer emblazoned bracelets in 2008 — before Yael Cohen or Julie Greenbaum began using the term to raise money for charity."A big part of what I'm doing is really protecting my intellectual property," said Fiedler. I've put a lot of time and effort and life energy into this.Fiedler claims she was inspired by her own battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and signed up "celebrity ambassadors" for her cause, including the Barenaked Ladies, Sarah Mc Lachlan and Brett Wilson. Supreme Court claim, Fiedler says the situation is causing confusion.Fiedler says Mc Lachlan first told her about Cohen's F--k Cancer organization. "That confusion has been caused by the deliberate deception of the public by the defendants," the claim says.

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