Datetimepicker validating event c

And surprisingly with the same value that user has choose on the form.

This is the reason, the message box is shown twice to the end user.

The Date Time Picker control allows selecting a date and time by editing the displayed values in the control.

If you click the arrow in the Date Time Picker control, it displays a month calendar, like a combo box control.

I persume this is because 31.09 don't exists as valid date but at this point I am still not finished with entering my wished date. Current Culture = New Culture Info("de-DE") Dim dt As Date Time If Date Time. GDT_VALID nm = Date Time To SYSTEMTIME(dt) ret = True Else nm Flags = GDT.

Value = "." End Sub End Class Now, I would like to type in this control 31 7 2016 and I can't, at least not easy or as expected.

For this I have added an event handler with following code: private void dtp Start Date_Value Changed(object sender, System.

Event Args e) If you see the code flow, the eventhandler should get called 2 times, first with the date value chosen by then end user and second with Today's date which I am setting inside my code. But the problem is, the Value Changed function is getting called again after completing above two calls.

When DTS_APPCANPARSE style is set, the native control sends a DTN_USERSTRING notification to the control. The majority of the code shown below is just definitions for the native structures that are used. Hi All, Can anyone suggest me, to display error message as"Select Valid Date", wht event i cn use for Date Time Picker.If i use leave event, user can change the date by closeup event, It should not happen.Hello All, I am doing window application project, I am using datetimepicker in C#I want to post error message if user click some Invalid date.

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The Min Date and the Max Date properties allow you to put limits on the date range.

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