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The Loeb's Crunch founder added, 'I completely understand.She's at the height of her career, and, as she says all the time, she's taking advantage of her 15 minutes of fame because who knows how long that will last.'Despite the absence of Vergara’s current boyfriend due to Manganiello’s filming obligations, the actress didn’t have to spend the evening alone - her adult son, Manolo, accompanied Vergara through the night.One day he said, ‘OK, go over there and say a few lines.’ And they got me my SAG card.” That movie about a presidential election may have been fiction, but Loeb’s involved in real-life politics, too.

And while that’s just one of six films Loeb’s been involved with in the past year, he’s not giving up on snack foods: Acting is only a side gig.Sofia Vergara poses with ex-love Chris Paciello, left, before sharing a kiss with ex-fiancé Nick Loeb at Story nightclub in Miami on New Year's Eve 2012 before a big row.Sources say Loeb is still jealous of Paciello - despite the fact he and Sofia are just friends The calm before the storm: Modern Family beauty Sofia Vergara pulls a funny face as she joins former lover, Miami nightclub owner Chris Paciello, at Story on December 31, 2012.Loeb said in his essay that he'd begun to push for children as soon as they got engaged, and that Vergara had insisted on using a surrogate.The first embryo created via in-vitro fertilization didn't take in the surrogate, and she miscarried the second."A year later, we tried again, creating two more embryos, both female. When she refused, we split up." Sofia Vergara and fiancé Joe Manganiello hit the red carpet together at the SAG Awards on Sunday for the first time since news of their engagement broke last month.

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He served just seven years of his 10-year sentence after ratting out dozens of top Mafia figures, including members of the Bonanno family which ultimately led to the takedown of family boss Joseph 'Big Joe' Massino. I am working hard to make a positive impact and to build a new life for myself in Miami.

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