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Abraham Maslow lists self-esteem at the top of man's hierarchy of needs -- behind only food, shelter and interpersonal relationships. Western man looks to external accomplishments for self-respect, driven by a need to achieve what others will recognize as status symbols.

He will readily identify himself by his profession or career.

The one who learns from every person, as it is said: "From all those who taught me I gained understanding" (Psalms 1). The one who subdues his impulses, as it is said: "Better is one slow to anger than a strong man, and one who rules over his passions than the conqueror of a city" (Proverbs ). The one who is happy with his portion, as it is said: "When you eat the toil of your hands you are fortunate and it is good for you" (Psalms 128:2).

"You are fortunate" [refers to] this world; "and it is good for you" [refers to] the World to Come. The one who honors others, as it is said: "For those who honor Me will I honor, and those who scorn Me will be degraded" (I Samuel ).

And those with the good fortune to achieve such "success" will always live in fear of losing it through circumstances beyond their control.

We may have all the talent in the world, but we can end up tripping on the pavement and missing the interview!

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