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After all, it featured uncannily lifelike waxworks of Donald Trump, George W Bush, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Chris Brown and many more sleeping in their birthday suits on crumpled white sheets.But now the rapper has stepped it up a notch and gone so far as to reportedly bestow Mr Trump with an arty book containing nude pictures in a meeting in person.Will any of them be strong enough, physically and mentally, to last 21 days NAKED AND AFRAID?

The nude photos are being investigated by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, with the Army and Air Force also saying they are beginning to look into it.

The general named female Marines who had been killed in Iraq and asked those under his command “How much more do the females of our Corps have to do to be accepted?

” Marines investigating nude-photo controversy with caution Marine Corps officials had previously asked that women be excluded from front-line combat jobs, but were overruled by Defense Secretary Ash Carter in 2015.

The pair then emerged from the tower’s gold elevator together at around 9.53am and posed for photos for patiently awaiting media.

According to TMZ, the unlikely duo met for 15 minutes and in that time West gave him the arty book containing nude pictures.

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However, sources said the memento will not be gaining a coveted spot on the billionaire property developer’s no doubt opulent coffee table.

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