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If you ask people why they maintain Second Life accounts, you will get as many different answers as the people you ask. Several articles have come out recently talking about how in the past several years, Second Life has been actively courting corporate and other real world business concerns at the expense of the majority of residents (account holders) who are primarily there for play and entertainment, to the detriment of the user base.However, they all share that one commonality: Second Life allows us to do things that would be physically impossible, logistically difficult, and/or financially prohibitive in real life. I can see that argument, and I don’t really think it’s largely untrue.Ancient texts from India describe human activity as falling into one of three states, or qualities, called, in the Sanskrit language, tama, raja and sattva.

Without a nearby lover, you may reach out for your favorite vibrator or your own hand to help bring you to that desired state of release. Tantra, a spiritual path, originating in India, embraces sexual energy as a way of reaching blissful consciousness.Often this is satisfying, sometimes equally or more so than having the assistance of another. I love having my back scratched where I can’t reach it. In the lexicon of Sanskrit language, sex which resembles the scratching of an itch can be referred to as tamasic sex. A diet consisting mostly of meat is considered tamasic.While there’s certainly something intimate and personal about having my lover reach up under my shirt to scratch my back, those long handled Chinese backscratchers can do the job really well, and they always scratch exactly in the right place! The impending sneeze has reached its climax and become history. Tamasic sex, in its benign form, is sexual coupling that is pretty much restricted to one partner “getting off”.. A man experiences tamasic sex when he limits his activity to the in and out thrusting of his penis; a woman when she lies passively on her back and allows him to do so.Political figures in America's history who have who have brought up the possibility of teaching sex education in K1-12 public schools have been ostracized or fired from their positions.The most famous Political Figure was Jocelyn Elders, the surgeon general who advocated for the teaching of masturbation as a healthy practice to school age children, who was asked to step down from her position.

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Instead of fighting a losing battle with sex-negative proponents, this paper proposes a new venue for teaching comprehensive sex education to America's rising adults: College.

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