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I have managed to get USB audio on my Google pixel playing in a current model 330i I had a loan of recently, but with a lot of messing around.

After connecting the USB cable, I had to go into the phone menu and change it to hard drive mode (or something similar).

The vehicle supports various external devices depending on the current software version. "Show current version" Select Desired version to display Additional information.

With a software update, the vehicle can support new cell phones or new external device, for example. Updates and related current information is available at com/update. Updating software via USB The software may only be updated when the vehicle is stationary. Store the file for the software-update in the main director of a USB flash drive. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface of the USB audio interface in the center armrest.

Restoring the previous version The software version before the last software update can be restored.

Took the car home and plugged in the USB in the center console, and the update started right away.

Prior to the OS update, I was getting "incompatible software" warning. Check your car at the dealership for the overall operating system, it may be the issue for the DIY update problem.

To get the most out of your BMW Navigation System, BMW recommends updating your maps regularly.

Installed prices are based on an estimated installation time and the center’s labor rate, and are subject to change.

BMW has unveiled the next iteration of its Connected Drive in-car navigation system, and it introduces a number of new features to the platform.

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