Dating k9 girls

Looking to complete your family with the addition of a canine member? (KEI) as we support your family in their search for the right addition to heart and home.

We are a 501c3 animal rescue organization, licensed by the IL Department of Agriculture, which aims to complete families through the re-homing of shelter, abandoned and surrendered dogs.

Join us on our quest to take the lost, lonely, quirky, fun-loving, comical, and brilliantly unique people and complete their lives with a new best friend, a family member…a dog. Visit our Adoption/Fostering Application to start the process.

Our mission extends beyond just the adoption stage and into all the years after that juncture.We believe, for every dog there is a family and for every family, their is a dog.Each of our dogs is well prepared to join their family upon adoption and live quality lives as we carefully craft customized programs for each dog we intake.Chase games are great, if exhausting, but only work to your advantage if you are the one chasing your dog, never the other way around. Resorting to smellier, tastier treats will only In my last post I wrote about the training process and how it is so important to break every task you’d like a dog to learn into tiny segments in order to orchestrate many frequent, measurable, successful moments to build upon and link together to create an easily navigable staircase to your destination. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t know both where you are today and where you’re headed.One must have a clear starting and end point in mind to properly draw up a functional map.

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