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To avoid such disappointment, how can women tell whether that warm feeling she gets when she’s around the man of her dreams (or her fantasies) is radiating from the fires of lust or the embers of love?With men, the primary difference between lust and love is what we’re willing to do to preserve the two.

Some time last year, she told me she was reading a book that made her want to say "yes" to a date with a marginally employed hipster artist dude when she previously had no interest in dating him.

Yet, when a couple gets together, becomes engaged or says their vows in front of their friends and family, we’re quick to tell them that they’re lucky.

“You two are so lucky you found one another.” “To the lucky, happy couple!

It’s normal to have your guard up when you meet someone new for the first time. But if you want to have a more appealing experience, choose real over superficial.

Own your story upfront so you can create room for more authentic sharing. Ask your date interesting questions that reveal their character (instead of straight up interview questions) like….

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  1. i am Elizabeth Smith, i am a cool person and easy going my dressing styles are conservative and i love going out during weekends i am looking for a man that would take good care of me, the one i would be able to lean on If you ever meet me in reality I hope my smile will give you a hint about my personality, but you are curious about me now, so being polite lady I will lift the curtain a little bit and would say that I am calm and I am a warm and energetic person who cares deeply about the people in my life.