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You need to promise me to take care of my daughter. "Yes sir." I heard footsteps coming into the livingroom. The guys looked dumbfounded Alex looked at me and smiled. "Daddy, stop." I laughed and reached the bottom of the stairs. He wrapped his hand in mine and we walked towards the elevator. The car FINALLY stopped and we all piled out and followed Frank. maybe on photobucket or w/e or her myspaceee; myspace.com/brookellereneemckenzie if you didn't already have itt. if you don't know how, go to and try in 'how to backcomb hair' or 'scene hair' for longness, either have the length you have now if it's not her length, or get extensions.

To get a similar look, try the shadow called Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow Palette in "Mind."When you think fall, you think fallen leaves, warm drinks, and leather boots — things that come in rich brown hues.Read More Dating gurus are ready to help you find a way to maintain the sparkle in your relationship.The first step towards success is to find out what your partner appreciates the most. A was there and took me up into what I assume was my room. I put them on and some bracelets that went with my dress. I rolled my eyes and put my headphones in, falling asleep, and waking up when we got to LA, got into a taxi and went to a hotel.

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  1. Now, for the last installment in the series, Chrissy chaperones Jonathan on a series of speed dates with some of L. Turns out the model’s methods aren't typical—at one point, Jonathan has to sniff a date's hair—but we think one of Chrissy’s arrows may have ultimately landed.