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“The work will start on September 15, there will also be orders for new material, new locomotives,” said Eric Melet, chief executive for development at Bollore Transport and Logistics.“It will go ahead very quickly.” The unelectrified single-line track traces its origins back to the late 19th century, when France was looking for ways to link the colonised Sahel to its trading posts on the Atlantic.

The two governments, along with the track’s operating company Sitarail, signed an agreement setting the date at a meeting in the Burkinabe capital.With our CALIBER IV, we have created a chronographic movement which on the one hand gives the watch a classy and noble character from the outside, but on the other hand offers to every watch enthusiast a great delight on technical finesse.The location of Sudbury's new multi-million dollar arena and events centre is a debate that has many people talking.Based on our CALIBER I and with the same respect for traditional watchmaking and its aesthetic quality, we constructed the CALIBER III for our MORITZ.Although the two movements look very similar, we have still made some modification.

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Kirwan said it will be able to pay for a cultural and arts centre downtown at the current arena.

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