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Once users see friends going on dates or finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, all will change." I can testify to Justin's claims.Since I signed up to Tinder - and started raving about it - plenty of single female friends have followed suit.There are women I’m interested in, to varying degrees, with whom I interact somewhat frequently but I either do not have any reason to believe my interest is reciprocated, or I know that this interest is not, in fact, reciprocated.But I’m OK with that, because I’m not really looking anyway.The first is that that sense of happiness, when in a monogamous relationship, does not imply that a person is built for monogamy, necessarily.That would be mis-attributing the source of the happiness to the structure, rather than the contents, of their relationship.

Of course, the evidence is limited almost exclusively to pointing out facts that would be true the shroud were authentic.

Not directly related to this, however, is the fact that I’m not looking to meet anyone right now.

That is, I’m not actively seeking new partners right now, but its not merely because I’m happy.

That may change at some point, but right now I’m content with the number of relationships I have.

Yesterday I was reflecting on this happiness and this contentment and it occurred to me that this was a feeling I had had while monogamous, in the past.

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