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If you missed it, check out JJJ‘s exclusive clip from the film, where you can see Emily as her character, Kelly!

I shan't give up my career unless it interferes with our being together... I want to get married probably this year and have lots and lots of babies.

She started dancing at the age of 9 and is still dancing as part of her career today.

It is high time to avail the golden chance to know about her current boyfriend who is she dating in 2016: She had a relationship with from 2007; when they used to be co start in a film series.

They were also the winner of Best Movie Awards at the time of 2008.

We won't be married for a while yet, but when it happens we've got a family planned. There's no particular reason why we are not getting married right away, except that we're both pretty line young... I don't think either of us has looked at anyone else since we first met...

Age: 30 (10/23/1986)Occupation: Entertainment - Actress Most Famous For: Daughter of Greg Evigan "I am not Paul's wife-but yes, we are going to get married.

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