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In 1997, they used their school's recording studio to record two demo albums: Who's in Your Band? In 1998, they won Calgary's "Garage Warz" competition, using the studio time they won to record their first professional demo, Yellow tape, which was followed by Orange tape and Red tape.

In 1999, they released their debut album Under Feet Like Ours independently under the name "Sara and Tegan" with producer Jared Kuemper.

Then, there’s the seemingly shocking subject matter: romantic breakup of a most scarlet, soul-draining sort, in “Goodbye, Goodbye,” “I Was a Fool,” “Now I’m All Messed up,” “How Come You Don’t Want me,” and the sinister, thumping closer (and perfect album summary) “Shock to Your System.” “But you know what’s so funny? Things were just right in my world.” Where on Earth did a bad thing—and when I go back and start looking at relationships or break-ups and deconstructing that, it doesn’t matter if I’m in a happy place or a sad place.

What fascinates me are the things that have hurt me, not the things that have made me feel good.

So I have grown accustomed to, and have discovered the things I like about L. and really just focus my time and energy on that, and pretty much never go west, stay off the west side.

Yeah, we have one song left to mix and then we master at the end of the month. I think some people will think that it’s just too far in one direction. It’s definitely in the vein of what we’ve been working out, over our records.

But it’s just a little more slick and it’s definitely not as much of a rock band record, that’s for sure.

A word of warning for any fans of folk-rocking Canadian kittens Tegan and Sara—nothing in their moody, ethereal catalog will prepare you for their upcoming seventh set Heartthrob.

Some songs bubble and blip like long-lost Missing Persons outtakes, some slither icy-blue, a la vintage Depeche Mode. My life was completely drama-free, I was really healthy, and I had a ton of time to myself to write, go to therapy, grocery shop.

On a table are clay busts of Sara's face, which she sat for a few days ago. The molding material covered everything but her nose, which made her panic.

She says she and her girlfriend of five years, Stacy Reader, aren’t affectionate by nature, so she knew it was bad when Reader started squeezing her hand and reassuring her using her pet name, Squin.

We even got a bit of scoop on Tegan and Sara’s seventh studio album, due in January. A.] and I live in Vancouver as well, since my girlfriend lives there.

Tegan Quin was interviewed for, and is quoted in, the article "The Rainbow Connection: Gay and Lesbian Artists on Marriage and More," which is in our Protest Issue. This is the full transcript of that interview, mainly quotes that didn't make it into the print issue. So we kind of have to have two lives, because she needs to work there.

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