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I read this answer, guys say it helps, but for me it was not successfull. Got an OAuth Exception says "Error validating verification code" How can I solve this, anybody help please. Until you have added to your application Configuration a domain on which you application will be running from this will not work it seems.

Here are some tips: 1) Define Domain on the Facebook Application configuration page.

When working with an access token, you may need to check what information is associated with it, such as its user or expiry.

As soon as I connected the phone to another wifi with internet, the app installed fine.

When an app is developed, it generates an unique id for the user, using which the app can be used.

Are you sure that this app is not working it wherever you had previously embedded it ?

My brother has a facebook application, which is running for more than a month with lots of daily users.

When we checked on today, the developer dashboard doesn't show the app.

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This article from the Facebook documentation might help: According to the Facebook docs, get User() should be returning 0 if the user isn't logged in.

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