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Except for a broad smile and a thank you, she remained tight lipped.

Returning to her official bungalow, right opposite the British High Commission at Bauddhaloka Mawatha-Wijerama Road intersection, the family broke rest till late into the night.

Bandaranayake was engaged in shopping of a different kind – buying up plastic crates and collecting large corrugated carton boxes. Every now and then, she was accosted by well-wishers.

He is an agriculturist and does not belong to the Sri Lankan political elite.

Others greeted her with clasped hands and a traditional bow.

It was obviously with reverence to the office she held and for not succumbing to enormous pressure to quit.

He was the general-secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and was Minister of Health until November 2014 when he announced his candidacy for the 2015 presidential election as the opposition coalition's "common candidate".

His victory in the election is generally viewed as a surprise, coming to office through the votes won from the alternative Sinhala-majority rural constituency and the Tamil and Muslim minority groups that have been alienated by the Rajapaksa government on post-war reconciliation and growing sectarian violence.

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