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He has armed a small group - the Exterminators - with guns, as Zardoz's philosophy is that killing is good, and procreation is the root of all that is bad.

In reality, Zardoz is Arthur Frayn, from a competing more advanced race called the Eternals who live in paradise in the Vortex.

The Eternals truly are immortal as they do not age and their bodies undergo reconstruction if they "die".

As such, they truly do not believe in procreation as their society has reached perfect equilibrium.

The playwright, Edward Callan, was born in Ireland in 1917, the historic year that Sinn Fein elected Eamon de Valera as their president (coalescing the process that ultimately led to Irish independence).

International distribution rights are owned by Sony Pictures Television.

Chronicles the period of Henry VIII's reign in which his effectiveness as King is tested by international conflicts as well as political intrigue in his own court.

Hogan, who had thrown just three interceptions the entire season, threw three in the game – all to Dylan Spieler, an 8-player championship game record. But that dream was shattered on the first play of the second half when Utesch darted down the sideline untouched for a 39-yard touchdown that all but finished off the Dons.

A Tyler Backes fumble late in the first quarter turned into a quick touchdown when MMC quarterback Tanner Utesch hit running back Andrew Hoefling who was wide open on a swing pass for a 23-yard touchdown. Utesch accounted for six Eagles touchdowns, running for three, throwing for two and catching one.

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Although named after the Tudor dynasty as a whole, it is based specifically upon the reign of King Henry VIII of England.

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