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And, Kelly, did that, you know, did that bartender guy ever text you back? That wonderful night when you screw your courage to the sticking point and put yourself out there for one more spin on the merry-go-round of love.Tented accommodation gives you the real ‘Out of Africa’ experience.Tents are comfortable, with higher end camps offer all the comforts of home, and more. Staying in the main Reserves and Parks means you are near to the action when the Great Migration takes place in the Mara. You will find hoards of other tourists in the same area.We support most popular mobile devices on our mobile site, and on our app, but some exceptions apply.We are working hard on supporting more mobile devices in the future.

For this global getaway, you and your favorite travel companion will be heading to KENYA! First off, you’d presumably spend anywhere from one to a thousand minutes stationed in front of a mirror, just gazing at your own visage in disbelief.But then, once you’d “gotten used to it,” and started going about your daily life and dating people and such, you’d probably realize that, as George Clooney, you could get away with exerting very little effort. —that Clooney took the lawyer to Tanzania for a safari. Even if Alamuddin couldn’t help but get slightly annoyed when Clooney would not stop texting pictures of various animals to Matt Damon with captions like, “Your girlfriend’s looking really pretty today,” she couldn’t stay irritated for long: she’s on a has pictures of the two on the beach; he’s holding a beer, and she’s holding a tropical fruit.George Clooney could probably take a date to the garbage dump, and she’d still tell her friends later it was the best date she’d ever had (“That twinkle in his eye as he laughed beside the giant trash heap changed my life forever.”). One imagines Alamuddin’s friends are going to have a difficult time keeping it together at their next catch up-session brunch with Alamuddin. yeah, I just spent a week on a safari and on the beach with George Clooney, no big deal.Yet—in spite of this giant head start, as it were, when it comes to dating—Clooney has been pulling out all the stops in romancing rumored new girlfriend Amal Alamuddin. “Well, so, I, I mean, you probably saw the pictures, but . But, uh, is your knee problem getting any better, Sharon?

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Get excited to embark on a wild journey in the Serengeti! We asked the talented Cassia, from Cassia Leigh Designs, to design these date night kits for us and just wait until you see what she’s created for you!

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