Drake and nicki minaj dating twitter

"The best part about working with Beyoncé is I know that she likes what I do," she said.

"It's pretty amazing that someone I looked up to for such a long time respects what I do as well."To find out what Minaj's favorite Bravo moment is, watch the clips above now!

While he was up there, he gave Lil Wayne a shoutout for his mentorship.

Life lesson: Never get into a feud with Drake because he will always get the last word. Y'all, even without context, the level of shade in that selfie is unreal. Drake and Meek Mill have been feuding for almost two years.

Her work can also be found in Buzz Feed, Cosmopolitan, and subtweets.

Anyone with a pulse picked up on the shade Meek threw at Drake on Twitter.

However, it appears that jabs could already have been fired back from Team Perry, as Nicki Minaj - who appears alongside Katy on the track Swish Swish, largely accepted as a dig at Taylor - cryptically tweeted on Thursday: 'N***a sit down.

Be humble.'..Ma, who returned from jail in 2014, won best female hip hop artist Sunday in Los Angeles, an award Minaj has won since 2010.

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