How does radio active dating work

Again divide it in half 6.25% and four half lives have passed.

For example Carbon 14 has a half life of 5,730 years.

Also any contamination of the sample can distort the calculation of the age when the percentage is small At 9 half lives only 1/512 of the Carbon 14 is left. Most fossils have no Carbon left in them and Carbon 14 and radioactive dating can not be used to date them.

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There's a small amount of radioactive carbon-14 in all living organisms.

When they die no new carbon-14 is taken in by the dead organism.

View the full list Radiocarbon dating has transformed our understanding of the past 50,000 years.

The percentage of Carbon 14 becomes extremely small and difficult to measure.If only 25% of the radioactive isotope is left two half lives have passed.Divide the percentage in half again 12.5% left three half lives have passed.Firstly, we don't use carbon dating for measuring the age of rocks; carbon dating would only be used for the remains of living matter (e.g. Other radioactive isotopes might be used for various other objects.When we date something based of radioactive decay, we rely on some mecahanism that sets the ratio of isotopes to some predetermined value.

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A child mummy is found high in the Andes and the archaeologist says the child lived more than 2,000 years ago.

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