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Typically, I must compensate for losses or disfigurement using conservation grade materials.Finally, I apply a coat of varnish to unify and saturate the surface.” Elena holds a master degree in art conservation, specializing in Byzantine icons, from St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as a master in painting from the Academy. Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering a home. Ukrainian Flower Etiquette If you bring flowers, make sure it is an uneven number of flowers and also make sure when you send flowers to your lady that they are uneven to. Men should not take off their jackets unless asked to do so. In Orthodox churches women wear scarves or hats, and men take off their hats. Don't put your thumb between your first two fingers - this is a very rude gesture.“My job is first to make sure the artifact is structurally sound.

Veneration is often misinterpreted in the West as worship, however, worship (προσκύνησης) in the Eastern Orthodox Church is only reserved for God alone.

An icon is traditionally a Byzantine-style portrait on several mediums, representing a person or an event of Christian history or scenes from the Bible.

Icons serve to preserve the doctrinal teachings of the Church.

Catholics need to be mindful who they ask out, so it's best to get to know each other a fair bit before that first date.

A few telephone conversations or socializing within a group enables a couple to learn more about one another in a very casual way.

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If you will send just yellow flowers to your lady she can decide about your parting.

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