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The show is produced by Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Brothers Television. Lobue were directors in this season; Lorre and Arohnson were head writers.The executive producers in this season were Chuck Lorre and Lee Arohnson. Other writers in this season were Susan Beavers, Don Foster, Eddie Gorodetsky, Mark Roberts and Jeff Abugov.

1) Joanna Palani In her early twenties, Joanna Palani gave up the comfortable life of a Danish college student to go and fight against sexism. And unlike many other college students, she didn’t fight against it with safe spaces and trigger warnings, but with a sniper rifle.Sanne Nauts and her colleagues at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands ran two experiments using men and women university students as participants.They first collected a baseline measure of cognitive performance by having the students complete a Stroop test.Palani spent over a year serving on the frontlines of the Syrian Civil War against ISIS, first with the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPJ), and then with the Iraqi Kurds’ Peshmerga (Kurdish for “one who confronts death.”) Kurdistan, particularly the autonomous Syrian region known as Rojava, has developed a reputation as one of the last bastions of secularism and gender equality in the Middle East.The Syrian Kurds have also proven to be the most effective force in rolling back the Islamic State.

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