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And things branch off from there.) I’m Rin Kagamine. Your voice charms only a few compared to the others before you.

;)mikumikumii♪ : ( ^▽^)っ✂╰⋃╯Gigantic OTN : Im sorry I asked(alternatively: Miku accidentally adds her shut-in best friend Piko to a Skype group meant for studying. So don't worry if you see them on there; no one is copying me (except myself, of course lmao). VOCALOID oneshots, to be exact c: You are the newest addition to the Vocaloid household, but as a faulty one.

or Everyone has feelings for each other & theres a lot more emotional exploring than physical exploring.However, the others remember their pasts; you remember nothing. Only three of the group can guide you to the answer.*Author's Note : This is a choice fiction, and it follows the same format as My Fairy Tale; the choices will be labeled with symbols. Based on the three part series, First Virus Resistance, Rin and Len have to find a way to survive in a country that has been completely destroyed and continues to be attacked to ensure there are no survivors. Piko is the one who actually does all the housework and chores, while Fukase and Oliver do whatever they want.Choose one and read the next chapter with the same symbol as your choice before proceeding to read in a normal fashion. Against all odds, will they be able to still stay together? Fukase and Oliver are seen more as brothers than anything else.He is good friends with another Ryouseirui on Nico Nico Douga called Sekihan.They formed a group called Akapiko Hammer (赤ピコ飯まー☆) and often make songs comedic.

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As he introduces her to his world, Miki slowly begins to find the happiness she has lost.

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