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These Listings are Available for Public Use on Many of the Spam Regulating Service Sites.This One Was Obtained and Made available from the Links I Posted on the Page that Brought You Here.

PHPSESSID=rjjbt18ek9i3vr0s92mhsiahf5&topic=5570", ? This individual(s) requests money for a business, this person requests 0.00US to begin then another 0.00US at another time. I am a 36 year old business man wiht a 6 year old daughter who lives with me. Our family not rich, but we live amicably and to help each other. She wants only an honest buisiness and requires someone like "myself" to be a full partner. I went along wiht this for a while, she got angry when she reaized I was not going to send the money, she then stated after she said she needs all of the information for western Union, she did not need it at all and she could get the money with no information1 she proceeded to assasinate my character, which would be characaristic of an unstable person.

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