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In Yangon, as Peter Popham details, the city is "one of the most beautiful in Asia," with the area around the Shewedagon Pagoda becoming a hive of activity at night, with tiny lanes crowded with food stalls and young children in pyjamas tucking into a pre bedtime snack on the street.

The current population of Asian elephants is estimated at 35 000-50 000 individuals (Oliver, 1978; Sukumar, 1989 and Santiapillai and Jackson, 1990) inclusive of 15 000 elephants in captivity, mainly in India, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka (Hanks, 1979; Blower, 1985; Santiapillai and Jackson, 1990; de Alwis and Santiapillai, 1992; and Sukumar and Santiapillai, 1993).

Of course, the sheer number of cars tell their own story, with Porches and other luxurious makes dotted around the city, showing that while Burma may be one of the poorest nations in Asia, a number of people have benefited and prospered from close ties with the military.

Approximately 0.8% of adults aged 18–49 in Myanmar are seropositive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Logbooks also often contain measures of birth size and subsequent height, as well as data on workload.

We hope to digitise these and the bi-monthly reports of each elephant’s health (vet inspection of working ability and lifelong record of any diseases, medical conditions or problems encountered and treated) to combine the vital rate data with changes in health across life.

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Abstract The purpose of the demographic analyses in this study was to calculate the basic life tables to determine the effects of the long-term captivity of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus), which are utilized extensively as draught animals, on survival, fecundity and viability.

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