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Before I start this post, can I just say HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PICTURE I took last weekend? Also, we just discovered the flower district in downtown LA (that’s where the flowers are from where that awesome old store is) and I will be trying to convince Max to go with me every single weekend for the rest of my life, probably. Unless maybe you needed to be offended, then let me assure you that I was offended first. , unfortunately, men are not food items, and you absolutely 100% will be attracted to him. This horse has been beaten to death on my corner of the Internet, but I have to say it YET AGAIN because I still KEEP HEARING that pastors are teaching sermons on “Why Men Need Sex” and I STILL KEEP GETTING EMAILS from women who are crying themselves to sleep [like I used to] because they thought something was wrong with them [like I used to/am still working at this] because their husband wasn’t a raging sexaholic [like we’ve been brainwashed to believe] and for them to desire sex and their husband to be too tired or stressed out means ITSMYFAULTIMNOTPRETTYANYMORE. It’s a desire, and it can be a really really really strong one, but it’s not a legimate need as in If You Don’t Eat Food You Will Die. Having sex when you’re not remotely interested (or on your period) is part of submitting. A man having sex with you when you’ve vocalized that you don’t want to is . But in the same way that “marital submission” obviously does not make rape “okay,” it also does not make “just sucking it up and going along with it even though its physically or emotionally painful because your entire spirit is not able to participate in sex right now” okay.

OHANDALSO: If something in this post offends you, my deepest apologies. I’m thinking it’s because the first cute guys we all had crushes on were “bad” for us, so we adopted the dessert/vegetable complex.

And if your husband is guilting you into sex, then get counseling ASAP. Spare yourself from a lifetime with a man who hasn’t yet grasped God’s grace or the reality of brokenness within his – and your – heart. Counseling is for people with worse problems than you. Both by the Bible, and me personally, based on lots of experience. You’ll meet The One when you don’t want him anymore.Now, however, thanks to a new program from Clares “Knowledge Organiser”, all that has now become very simple.It files downloaded summary data with the ability to tailor files precisely to suit any speciality.This kind of person is secure in the fact they are single. And once you are there you will want to make sure you also date this kind of person as well. Being compatible doesn’t mean you like all the same things. It simply means that you are at the place in life where you know who you are.It also means that you are able and willing to make the necessary compromises to be in a relationship with that person.

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Yuppies, throw away your personal organiser, get a Knowledge Organiser.

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