Updating a recordset in msaccess 2016

This table is a pointer to a table in a SQL Server database that is associated with a pre-defined System ODBC Data Source Name (referred to as a DSN from this point forward).In truth, you have many options for setting up Linked Tables from Access; many RDBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems) and Microsoft Office applications for example - even Share Point and Outlook are options for linking tables back to Microsoft Access.The solution is to create new records in both the Staff table and the linking table in code, as opposed to just going to a new record by clicking the New Record button in the navigation bar or using the Go To Record command in code. Description Resume Error Handler Exit End Sub On completion of the code, a new record appears on the subform, with both Staff ID and Project ID filled in, ready to enter the remaining data for the new technician: The code in the sample database does not need any special references.On version 2 of the form, Allow Additions is set to No for the subform, and there is an Add New Technician button on the main form. The zip file containing this article, in Word 97-2003 format, plus the supporting file(s), may be downloaded from the Access Archon page of my Web site, as accarch_.zip, which is the last entry in the table of Access Archon columns for Access Watch. You might consider doing this on the folder of where the file is stored (please store the files in a seperate folder so that the modify rights only apply to the database files, and no other files on your server). If the iuser account is not there, click 'Add..' , enter 'i USR' in the object names field and press 'Check names', the full qualified iusr account will be shown, click this underlined name and click 'Ok' , check the Modify, Read & Execute, Read and Write rights and press ok. Right click the file Click security tab If the iusr account is there, add the Modify rights (Write will be checked too). Execute(sql) 'The website cannot display the page HTTP 500 Most likely causes: •The website is under maintenance. Go to the place on the server where the file is stored.

The db connection seems running ok but insert/update functions. Here is the code: dim fuser, fpass, duser, dpass, admin fuser = Trim(Request. Form("user Password")) set conn=server.createobject("adodb.connection") main_mdb = server. Open "Driver=; DBQ=" & main_mdb & ";" Set rs=Server. Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC; also known as Windows DAC) is a framework of interrelated Microsoft technologies that allows programmers a uniform and comprehensive way of developing applications that can access almost any data store.Its components include: Active X Data Objects (ADO), OLE DB, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).Create Object("ADODB.recordset") "Select Vch User Name, Vch Password, Bln Administrator from tbl User", conn do until rs. MSDN Community Support Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" the responses that resolved your issue.

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