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Chapter 1"It's great to be the birthday boy," Randy Orton said to his best friend, John Cena. They were out at a club in Los Angeles, California. It was also two days before WWE Wrestle Mania 21 and one night before the WWE Hall of Fame. The dinning area was taken over by the WWE employees and their families. She grabbed something from the top of the other double bed in the room. ""Yeah and we were kind of in the middle of something before you interrupted us." Trish went to close the door. " She asked crawling on the bed."Wherever you want us to continue," John replied with a smirk. The eyes of Adam, Dave, Randy, and the all the divas fell on them as they walked in."I think we'll have to dish the facts to our same sex friends," John said walking over to the buffet table."Yeah, I think so, but we shouldn't give into it so easily. But on John's days off from work, he was always in Toronto with Trish. ""Well, your tongue better not be in some other girl's mouth, but mine and your mouth had only better be on my skin or body. "It's a good thing you kneed me in the stomach and not any lower. I pressed a button and you sucker kicked me."Trish laughed. I know you want to be the mother of John Felix Anthony Cena III."Trish smiled. Again thank you, everyone."Everyone clapped when she was done. She knew the thing they were up to had to deal with John."Okay," John said. He slipped the ring from the box and then onto Trish's left ring finger. The two shook hands and then hugged, patting each other on the back."Welcome to the world of marriage," Shawn said."Looking forward to it," John said."I told you she was going to say yes," Amy said. "I already knew she was going to say yes.""That's right," Trish said. "I accept to be your bride's maids.""Me too," Amy said. I just wanted to be in the wedding party."Trish smiled. We'll talk more later."Chapter 11John and Trish had a wonderful Christmas together and with their families.

He and John were out with a few of their friends from the WWE. Chapter 2"I can't believe you have a date with John tonight," Amy said as she and Trish were on their way to the free breakfast served by the hotel."Same here, Aims," Trish said. The hotel had been taken over by the WWE with past and present divas, superstars, road agents, referees, and announcers. An hour and a half later, the two went to breakfast with bright smiles on their faces. It sucked for her, because she missed her friends and John. "My stomach and belly button are tinkling for your mouth and tongue.""Just tonight and tomorrow night, and then on Tuesday my mouth and tongue are yours.""They already are mine, silly.""How can they be when my tongue is in my mouth and my mouth is connected to my face? He moved onto his back and let the pain his stomach go away. After a minute or two the pain in John's stomach subsided. "You would have killed me.""No, I know it was an accident of you kneeing. Word was spread through the Raw roster about the party. Trish gave him a look."Yes, speech, speech," Stephanie said. I have to hurt you all later for it." Everyone laughed. I'm glad I get to share my birthday with you all, my family away from my biological family. Sadly some people are getting their asses kicked.""Yeah, like Randy," John said. "But we all know he'll survive Hell in a Cell with Mark. She saw Amy, Torrie, and Lisa get really excited then, along with Stephanie. Amy and the divas, plus Stephanie were there to be the first to congratulate them."Congratulations, John," Paul said."Thanks," John said. "I also want Amy, Torrie, and Stephanie.""Oh, yay," Stephanie said.

She set the goal at ,000 but ended up with over ,000. One of the music videos for this album actually features an appearance by Trish Stratus, the WWE superstar who James had her first major storyline with. This year has flown by already and we've only just begun! In 2016, James reflected on the experience of becoming pregnant while working as a professional wrestler.

The first album was independently released, and for her second album, James decided to raise funds on Kickstarter. Xoxo A post shared by Mickie James (@themickiejames) on The two were engaged in December 2014 and married in December 2015. James’ relationship with Magnus was worked into a TNA storyline in 2015.

“It is kind of scary because you’re watching your body transform.

And the whole time your thinking, ‘am I going to be able to get it back to where it was?

" Her original pitch for the obsessed fan storyline was different from what fans saw: "I had actually written that character and written that storyline, because I didn't know Trish [Stratus], I love Trish but I didn't know Trish as a person. Because you don't want to just pitch this idea out to somebody and they're like, I frickin' hate it man.

It would've thrown a different edge on it." If it's difficult being in the same business as husband Magnus: "He's a good man. You know this business is hard, especially with two people in the same industry... Luckily he's secure enough in himself and he's very smart and very savvy outside the world of wrestling as well. It's a hard balance." Would she like to see him in WWE?

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Candice said giggling This like the time what happen with Trish and Chris Lita said laughing That was alittle different;) said Trish giggling and blushing I think John likes u;) Ashley said poking Maria And why would u think that?

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