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"But there are a number of Western Australians working on a fly-in, fly out basis for a range of industries, not only resources, who may now be living in Thailand or Indonesia and flying in and out of there."Dr Brown said those contracting HIV overseas were usually older, more experienced travellers who did not consider themselves at risk."The epidemiology indicates that most of the West Australians flying abroad and contracting HIV are not young, inexperienced backpackers," he said."They’re actually people who travel a lot and feel very comfortable in those countries."He said rates of infection were about the same among gay men as among heterosexuals."On the east coast, about 65-70 per cent of new infections are men who have sex with men.

In Western Australia it's more like about 50 per cent," he said.

This lets your visitors get a feel for the app’s purpose (and whether or not it solves their problem) in the first few seconds of their visit.

By saving the detailed information for a section further down the page, you allow them to consume at their own pace.

“In addition to protecting your phone from scratches and breaks, a basic case can help conceal a distinctive phone’s telltale markings.

That’s a detriment if you’re trying to show off your handset’s badass styling, but a benefit for maintaining a lower profile.

The following 50 helpful tips include advice for keeping your children safe when they venture into the wireless world, information about reducing radiation from cell phone use, driving safely while using your cellphone, and everyday safety tips that everyone can use.

These tips aren’t listed in any particular order of importance, but they are categorized to make it easy to locate the advice you’re looking for.

Once they’re posted, text, photos, and video are tough to take back, can be copied and pasted elsewhere, and are up there pretty much forever. This will help keep your passwords, logins, and online accounts safe.” – Amanda Perez, , ABC30; Twitter: @ABC30 5. “This tight grip will make it harder for anyone to snatch your phone out of your hands. The more premium the smartphone, the more money it brings in.Smartphones and tablets have become part of everyday life, but parents still worry that mobile devices may not be the best thing for their children, according to a study to be presented Sunday, April 26 at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego.The scientific literature has not kept pace with how technology is affecting family life.We’ve rounded up 50 valuable tips from experts on mobile devices, wireless, safe Internet usage, and more to help you get the most from your cell phone.Play it safe by using your device when it’s safe to do so, avoiding calls and texts from anonymous numbers to steer clear of phishing and other scams, learn strategies for monitoring your kids’ cell phone use to stay on top of potential problems, and teach your kids about smart mobile usage.

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Cell phone safety is a top priority for people all over the world—especially those with children.

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