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"belonging to the sea") would have been misunderstood and so was opted against.

Until the late Middle Ages, "Bahrain" referred to the region of Eastern Arabia that included Southern Iraq, Kuwait, Al-Hasa, Qatif and Bahrain.

They then fired rubber bullets into the unarmed crowd, aiming at people in the front line who had sat down on the street in protest.

In the evening of 14 February, Ali Mushaima died from police shotgun wounds to his back at close range.

Police dispersed this rally, resulting in some injuries, and the hospitalization of one demonstrator.

Police continued to disperse rallies throughout the day with tear gas, rubber bullets, and shotguns, resulting in additional injuries, and the hospitalization of three more demonstrators.

From the 6th to 3rd century BC, Bahrain was part of the Persian Empire ruled by the Achaemenian dynasty.An alternate theory with regard to Bahrain's toponymy is offered by the al-Ahsa region, which suggests that the two seas were the Great Green Ocean (the Persian Gulf) and a peaceful lake on the Arabian mainland.Another supposition by al-Jawahari suggests that the more formal name Bahri (lit.One major demonstration took place in the Shi'a island of Sitra, where several thousand men, women, and children took to the streets.According to witnesses interviewed by Physicians for Human Rights, hundreds of fully armed riot police arrived on the scene and immediately began firing tear gas and sound grenades into the crowds to cause panic.

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Diraz, the town where Qasim resides, has been in a state of siege since last June, when the government stripped him of his citizenship.

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