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And here at Crispus Attucks, students are taking that message to heart.“It’s important because adults can say it and they’re going to shrug it off like OK, but it’s easier to hear it coming from peers and it sinks in more than it does when adults say it,” said club member Dakiya Jenkins.

The cities and counties served will include: The total project budget for travel, staff, materials, insurance & taxes, consultants & professional fees, printing & copying, telephone & fax, rent & utilities, travel & vehicle maintenance and miscellaneous expenses is 7,288.00 for one year.“They feel like they’re trapped because they’re men but they feel like they don’t want to talk to anybody,” said club member Francisco Valle. We have to defend each other, it’s not just males, not just females, it’s everybody.” “It makes me feel really good inside,” said Jenkins.“It make me feel like I can actually do something and make a change.” February also happens to be teen domestic violence/dating violence awareness month.“It happens a lot in the community and people try to ignore it and act like it’s not there when it really is,” said Jenkins.And it's something students are taking seriously- young women and young men- learning important lessons along the way.

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