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The tarnish will clean completely off during the overhaul, and this horn is going to look close to new.

There are no dents or dings, and the horn appears to have been played very little.

As silver objects made before 1700 are quite rare, I shall restrict my comments to those made after that date.

In 1719 Parliament established the standard for purity for sterling silver and instituted a mark indicating that an item is of sufficient purity to be deemed sterling.

This saxophone has the 6M style pinky cluster, left hand bell keys, the first version of the “Naked Lady” engraving (later on the engraving would stay the same design but become slightly larger), underslung double socket neck, and fully 6M style keywork (no forked Eb).

Indeed this is one of the earliest Conn 6M Transitionals to have *all* of the features that made it into the eventual 6M model, and even a few extras like the swivel thumbhook that didn’t.

Now I would like to offer some tips on how to determine whether a given object is silver, Old Sheffield Plate or silverplate.

In Part I, I gave a brief history of the development of the British silverplating industry in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Quadruple silver plate items are NOT plated four times, the simply were plated with four times as much pure silver, known in the industry as .925, as any other hollowware item."Triple" silverplate items used three times as much purse silver as "Standard" and 1/4 less than "Quadruple" silverplate items.

Silverplate holloware items which have been re-silvered over the years may have more or less silver than originally plated.

Since the change from crafting wares of pewter, (the "poor man's" silver) to electroplated silver occurred at the height of the Victorian period, the pieces made in the new ware are always more elaborate in design than the earlier pewter, which was generally very plain and simple.

Not only are the silver-plated pieces ornamented with Victorian details but they are often embellished with florid engraved decoration. Many of these fine Victorian silver pieces were electroplated quadruple silver.

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