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If someone stands up to them and is honest about his or her wants and desires, then the controlling person has to learn to share or gets frustrated and goes away.

If that person had had boundaries, the problem never would have happened.

But the bad boy cheats on you, abuses you or he dumps you and months later (even years) you pine for the man who broke your heart.

Girlfriend, there’s something wrong with your “husband picker.” Some women are intentional about recognizing the wrong man, getting out, and moving on, says e Harmony. You’re afraid to be alone and so you ignore the warning signs of anti-social personalities, you commit to a dysfunctional man and then you try to fix him.

Your needs and desires are going to come out, and you had better find out early in a relationship where the person really stands with the idea of sometimes having to adapt to them.

You don’t want to be telling some counselor the following things ten years from now: Issues like these are usually discovered later in a relationship where one person has adapted for a long time, and then tries to make a change.

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