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For all of their big ideas, sometimes faculty are a bit like wallflowers at a high school dance; they need a little push to make the first move.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that the University of Southern California is using “speed dating” techniques to encourage professors to work together across disciplines.

“But we also hope that we will bring two people together and it will be magic, because it never would have happened any other way.” The “Research Collaboration Retreat,” as it has been billed, will focus on the subject of health care.

Faculty from various disciplines across the university have indicated plans to attend, and there’s a financial as well as an intellectual incentive to do so.

It is traditional Speed Dating with an English touch.

All of the action culminates in a climactic helicopter ride and fight with the Joker and Catwoman. Thompson (producer), Gina Mc Kee (actress), Germaine Greer (actress), Faith Brook (actress), Matthew Jacobs (director), Matthew Jacobs (writer), Emma Pill (miscellaneous crew), Phoebe De Gaye (costume designer), Imogen Stubbs (actress), Linda Gibson (miscellaneous crew), Georgie Glen (actress), Rodney Holland (editor), John Harle (composer), Kate Maberly (actress), Sickened by their mother's alcoholism, siblings Vanessa, Dominic, Amber and Sacha decide to lock her in the sauna to cure her over Christmas.Later this month, about 60 Southern California faculty will assemble at a long rectangular table, pitching research ideas to other faculty they may have never even met before.In the style of speed dating, faculty will move across the table in a round-robin fashion, taking just a few minutes to chat before moving on to talk to other faculty.Instead we focus on creating an atmosphere conducive to meeting others; a great venue, a personable host and a staff to assist. Freeze ), George Clooney ( Batman ), Chris O' Donnell ( Robin ), Uma Thurman ( Poison Ivy ), Alicia Silverstone ( Batgirl ), Michael Gough ( Alfred Pennyworth ), Pat Hingle ( Commissioner James Gordon ), John Glover ( Dr. Haven ), Vendela Kirsebom Thomessen ( Nora Fries ), Elizabeth Sanders ( Gossip Gerty ), Jeep Swenson ( Bane ), John Fink ( Aztec Museum Guard ), Michael Reid Mac Kay ( Antonio Diego ), Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Mr. Victor Fries ), George Clooney ( Batman / Bruce Wayne ), Chris O' Donnell ( Robin / Dick Grayson ), Uma Thurman ( Poison Ivy / Dr.

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