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In 2009, he was named as a White House staff member as Director of Speechwriting.From 1999 to 2000, he served on the Welfare Solidarity Project, eventually becoming its director.Will still give it a try -- and maybe a ticket back from LA?The second is that Barack Obama is losing his only gay speechwriter. None of the reports -- none -- no one who has written or blogged about Lovett's big news has shared anything of his gay sizzle and fabulousness.

Congratulations Jon Lovett -- though I just can't imagine Barack Obama being funny without you.After graduation, he went to work for the John Kerry presidential campaign in 2004, working to collect talk radio news for the campaign and was promoted to the role of Deputy Speechwriter.While working for the Kerry campaign, he first met Barack Obama.Jon attended the College of the Holy Cross, graduating as valedictorian.Rashida earned degrees in religion and philosophy at Harvard University.

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