Iphone 4 not automatically updating email interacial dating matchcom

Here are a few articles will help you make sure you get online and stay there: You should also make sure Airplane Mode isn't enabled on your i Phone since that can temporarily block connections to cellular and Wi-Fi networks. One quick way to fix any app that's not working as expected is to quit and relaunch it.

Sometimes it's because the download has been interrupted, and sometimes it's because your connection is erratic. Let's look at some possible causes and solutions to this problem. They go to pick up an email and get "This message has not been downloaded from the server" instead.This is a common problem, and it typically means the Mail message has been interrupted while it's being downloaded from the mail server.To check if your email is a POP3 account, go to Settings If your email provider requires your account to use port 25, then you can only send email when you’re connected to your email provider’s network.Check with your email provider for settings and availability.

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