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Non-offending adults are often complicit in not reporting the abuse, and perpetrators—who are often trusted by the child or known in the community—can manipulate situations so that they can continue the abuse.In addition, the abuse is often not physically apparent; rather, the evidence of abuse may manifest itself in behavioral and psychological changes that can be misidentified as moodiness or disobedience.The report documents abuses in 24 countries, citing that these murders are rarely prosecuted.One of the worst incidents involved the murder of park rangers in Virunga National Park in Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo.A new report by the nonprofit group Global Witness highlights the increasing dangers that environmentalists face around the world.At least 200 people were murdered last year for protecting the land, water and wildlife of their communities.

The Basics- Important Context for Reporting on CSA: CSA is often referred to as a "silent crime" because victims have difficulty coming forward.(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) Globally, the killings of environmental activists fits into the picture of governments increasingly using violence to curb dissent.Countries with pro-business governments is where the murders of protestors can be found most commonly, with one of the worst being Brazil.High-school graduates earned six-figure salaries in the oil fields, and cash flowed into the hands of those lucky enough to own the mineral rights to land rich with oil.North Dakota’s sudden success coincided with an economic slump in the rest of the country; job seekers rushed to the state fleeing hard times.

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