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It remains one of the most popular and enduring policies of the last thirty years.It taps into a craving for security, the desire to get on and the need to have a stake in society.

That’s where the nurse lives, paying Roy 0 a month.A home-share operation acts as a screening and matchmaking service, taking in applications from homeowners and renters (often called housemates).The staff interview applicants, look for compatible housemates, verify renter incomes, run background checks, provide lease agreements and offer support if problems emerge.(See the example at the end of this article.) “The goal is to help someone stay in their home,” says Mc Kitrick-Thompson.Adds Laura Fanucchi, associate executive director at HIP Housing, a home-sharing program in San Mateo County, Calif: “The homeowner may be house-rich and cash-poor, living on a fixed income.

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Yet they are now undermined by the crisis of living standards and the alienation that many people feel at work.

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